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Birthstone necklace


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Simple and elegant.

This beautiful necklace is perfect to wear with other necklaces by adding an extra layer of eye catching gorgeousness to your look or standing up to the crowd by wearing solitaire.

You can choose between 14k yellow gold filled, 14k rose gold filled or a sterling silver.

All the stones are natural.


* January - Garnet

• February - Amethyst

• March - Aquamarine

• April - Herkimer Diamond

• May - Emerald

• June - Pearl

• July - Ruby

• August - Peridot

• September - Sapphire

• October - Opal

• November - Blue Topaz

• December - Tanzanite


These are some of the attributes given to these beautiful stones through out the ages.

• GARNET • Bravery, Success, and Courage. Inspires contemplation and truthfulness to the wearer, Shields the soul against depression, Purifies and brings serenity when is most need it.

• AMETHYST • Victory, Sobriety, and Wealth. It is a spiritual stone. Brings wisdom and rises the spirit, giving it a sense of assurance and confidence. It bestows good judgment to the wearer.

• AQUAMARINE • Happiness, healing, and everlasting youth. Quiets the mind and builds bridges to the higher planes. Clears the thoughts of the wearer and invokes a higher state of consciousness to heal spiritually and in the physical realm.

• HERKIMER DIAMOND • Invincibility, Beauty, and endurance. Protects the wearer from emotional pain. Attracts abundance, strength and power. Increases the feeling of self-respect and love. Helps the spirit to accomplish its purpose and dreams.

• EMERALD • Intelligence, honesty, and devotion. Improves memory and intelligence. Enables the wearer to think clearly about the future and desired goals. Detoxifies from negativity and offers harmony, perception and increased intuition.

• PEARL • Faith, integrity, and innocence. Enhances personal integrity and focus in one’s self. Gives purity and good intentions to the actions of the wearer, attracting joyful accomplishments and real friendships along the way.

• RUBY • Passion, enthusiasm, and prosperity. Brings energy, passion and zest for life. Restore vital force and gives the wearer the confidence to walk through life without fear to failure. Helps to bring back the spark to live with joy and embrace the sense of adventure.

• PERIDOT • Rebirth, growth, and intuition. Revitalizes the soul to bring growth and change to the wearer. Shields the mind from envious thoughts helping the person’s true- self to shine at its full potential. Attracts real love, brings confidence and sensuality while banishing banality and lethargy.

• SAPPHIRE • Independence, generosity, and knowledge. Celebrated as the wisdom stone. Takes away spiritual confusion and brings inner peace and a sense of fulfilment to the wearer. Promotes good will and generosity. Sharpens the mind and the soul to make us aware of the true nature of the universe.

• OPAL • Justice, desire, and spontaneity. Encourage freedom and independence. Brings one’s self originality and helps to understand to those who wear it how to take control over their destiny and dreams. Represents justice and harmony, intensifies will power, eroticism and desire.

• BLUE TOPAZ • Communication, attraction, and fortune. Brings the joy to attune one’s self to its own aspirations. Helps to lead our actions to a higher purpose. Reinvigorates the inner force to give the wearer strength abundance, virtues of leadership and self-control for a better and meaningful life.

• TANZANITE • Transformation, harmony, and serenity. Helps the wearer to move forward with confidence. Brings our true self to vibrate in harmony with the universe, giving our consciousness a sense of direction to what we want to achieve in life; love and inner sense of fulfilment.

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